Marketing Research

Companies are relentlessly focusing on ever-changing consumer attitudes within the dynamic modern society. Variables such as dropping sales; changes in spending behaviour; new, or renewed, competition in the marketplace; and increased product or service complaints can all necessitate marketing research aimed at uncovering the reasons behind the observed behaviour. The ability to glean consumer perceptions and attitudes then becomes critical. At Bailey, we understand that sound analysis of consumer behaviour must be integral to developing a targeted marketing strategy and fostering business growth.

Our experts partner with our clients to undertake the following thematic studies: market description studies; market profiling-segmentation studies; stage-in-the-purchase-process tracking studies; customer intention and purchase analysis studies; customer attitudes and expectations surveys; customer trust, loyalty and retention analysis studies; new product concept analysis surveys; new product acceptance and demand surveys (conjoint analysis); habits and usage studies; product fulfilment studies; competitive product and market positioning studies; brand equity studies; advertising value identification and analysis studies; advertising media and message effectiveness studies; sales force effectiveness studies; sales lead generation studies; customer service studies; customer service representative (CSR) studies; sales forecasting and market tracking studies; prices setting surveys; and elasticity of demand analysis.

Social Research

We engage, understand and influence

Our social research is anchored on our understanding of social science, which is the systematic study of people or collections of people (including groups, firms, societies, or economies) and their individual or collective behaviours. Our social research products are classified into broader disciplines such as psychology (the science of human behaviours), sociology (the science of social groups), and economics (the science of firms, markets, development and economies). Under social research, we have the following studies:
• Corporate and reputation studies: Satisfaction (employees and customer) surveys
• Political and election studies: Opinion polling, democracy and governance
• Social development and trends studies: Livelihood studies, nutrition studies, knowledge, attitude and perception studies
• Public Sector studies: Policy and reform analysis, need assessments, cost reduction, economic development public-private partnership.

Mass Media Research

Better Targeting Through Fuller Audience Understanding

We understand that a quality media is the result of meticulous research on medium and its audience. Our mass media research comprises the communicator oriented perspective on the production of media content and the recipient oriented perspective on the consumption of audiences. We have gained experience in the following categories of media research:

  • Ad tracking
  • Media Monitoring
  • Audience Research
  • Radio Listenership surveys

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